Screenshots are helpful and can be fun, but are they legal and ethical? What about social media?

A screenshot, also called a screencap or screengrab, is an image that shows what is on the screen of a computer or device such as a phone or a kindle. Screenshots let you take a picture of what’s on your screen so you can share it with others or look it up later. Taking screenshots, saving them, and sharing them can be very helpful. There are many reasons why people take screenshots. Some…
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Screenshotlayer vs. ApiFlash Screenshot APIs Compared

Screenshotlayer API is a lightweight REST API that delivers high-quality PNG, JPEG & GIF website screenshots at unparalleled speeds through a simple interface. ApiFlash is a powerful serverless screenshot API built with Chromium and AWS Lambda. It can be quickly scaled to generate millions of screenshots per day, and has millions of clients.  Currently, Screenshotlayer and ApiFlash are…
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