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The Top API Products You Can Use for Free

The Top API Products You Can Use for Free

Software developers can obtain the data they need during the product development process in many ways. The path to be chosen should be compatible with both development, test, and live environments in software development processes and should not require additional integration. For this reason, the most popular data acquisition method today is API products.

Thanks to API products, developers can get the data they want for free. Then, with successful results in the development and testing stages, they can switch to the paid package of this API and serve their users in the live environment without adding to the integration processes. This article will list the most popular free API products that software developers prefer.

What are the Most Popular Free API Products?

In this section, we’ll learn the free API products developers and businesses use most often in their apps. These APIs have free subscription plans and can be used for free up to a certain limit.

Fixer API

With the increase in users in the money markets and the spread of forex trading, Fixer API has become today’s most popular free currency API. Fixer API provides both live and historical data for 170 official currencies.

Zenscrape API

The first API that comes to mind when it comes to web scraping API is the Zenscrape API. Zenscrape API helps you scrape target websites quickly. It provides a proxy pool, and there is also an automatic IP rotation service. It provides a seamless web scraping process.

SendGrid API

SendGrid API [1] allows applications to send e-mails free of charge. E-mails sent with SendGrid are saved and logged.

Google Maps API

Google Maps API [2] is a web service that provides maps and location-based services to developers. With this API, developers can integrate Google Maps into their applications.

ipstack API

The ipstack API provides location data corresponding to the IP address. It is the most popular free geolocation API as it provides detailed location information. Multiple businesses like Microsoft, Airbnb, and Samsung use this API

mediastack API

The mediastack API is a web service that eliminates all the need for news. Provides the latest news from 7,500+ sources. CCN, ESPN, Euronews, and NY Times are just a few. In addition, it provides historical news and offers services in 13 different languages.

weatherstack API

The weatherstack API is used by more than 75,000 businesses around the world. It is one of the most popular free weather APIs today. It provides both current and historical data for millions of locations. In addition, it also offers a weather forecast service to its users.

APILayer: The Ultimate Free API Products Provider

APIlayer is today’s most preferred API provider. Many businesses and developers can find the multiple API products they need here.

APILayer, an API product provider, provides developers with a very detailed product definition for each product. It provides code samples for each product and also provides a developer portal showing app usage.

It is also possible to list your own APIs under APILayer. First, create API products, then fill in the fields on the image below and upload them to APILayer for review.

list your api products on page of the apilayer


In summary, developers and businesses usually obtain the data they need in software development processes with APIs. In particular, these free APIs help developers with ease of integration and testing. The APIs listed in this article help developers solve specific categories of needs quickly and for free.

Discover the most popular API provider, list or use the multiple APIs freely.


Q: Is an API Key Required to Use Free API Products on APILayer?

A: Yes, it is required. In order for app developers to use their paid or free services in APILayer, they must register with APILayer and obtain an API key.

Q: Do Web Scraping APIs Have API Proxies?

A: Yes, many web scraping APIs use proxies in their web scraping services. Thanks to proxies, they provide a seamless and fast web scraping process.

Q: Which is the Most Preferred Web Scraping API Proxy?

A: Zenscrape API is a popular web scraping API proxy that supports multiple programming languages, such as Java, C#, Python, Ruby, and Node.js. It provides access to millions of residential and data center proxies across various locations, CAPTCHA solving, and JavaScript rendering.

Q: Are There Custom Attributes in the Data Provided by Many APIs in APILayer?

A: Yes, many APIs listed under APILayer have custom attributes for the data they provide. For example, with the ipstack API, in addition to the location data of the IP address, currency data of the location is provided as custom attributes.

[1] https://docs.sendgrid.com/

[2] https://developers.google.com/maps

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