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The Ultimate List of Free APIs for Developers

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Today, developers can obtain many data they need in their projects from web services. For example, a developer needing weather data can easily find a weather API on the Internet. Especially recently, developers can find many free APIs that provide the data they want. Many API providers offer a list of free APIs for developers.

With the list of free APIs, developers can get multiple options specific to the areas they need. Then they can quickly integrate these options into their applications and test them. In this article, we’ll talk about the most popular platform where developers can find free APIs and then list the free APIs that developers use the most on this platform by category.

What is the Most Common Way to Find a Public API?

bestseller free apis under the apilayer

Public APIs are a general name for paid and free APIs available to developers. Developers can choose a paid or free API according to the needs of their projects. For this reason, it is the best option for developers to examine all public APIs under one platform.

APILayer is a marketplace that lists many APIs developers use in their projects today. In other words, it is a public API provider. The main reason it is preferred by hundreds of thousands of users is that all APIs listed under this marketplace have a free subscription plan. For this reason, users can integrate the APIs they want to use in their projects into their applications for free and purchase them if they like them. In short, it is a unique marketplace that provides freemium APIs to its users, and all APIs require access via API keys.

Top Free APILayer APIs for Developers

There are many useful and free public APIs under APILayer. These APIs are listed in specific categories. This section will list the categories developers need frequently and the popular free APIs in these categories.

Finance APIs

The finance category is one of the most preferred categories by developers today. For this category, the most preferred free APIs under APILayer are coinlayer API and market stack API.

The market stack API serves users about stocks and the stock market, while the coinlayer API provides a powerful API that provides instant movements in the crypto world.

Scraping APIs

In obtaining data from the Internet, scraping APIs are the most frequently required service for businesses and developers. Zenscrape API and Zenserp API are bestseller web scraping APIs available under APILayer.

Zenserp API is an API developed for scraping SERP (Search Engine Results Page) data. It easily scrapes SERP data from many search engines like Google, Yandex, and Bing.

Zenscrape is another web scraping API with a large proxy pool that can work location-based on the API. Both web scraping APIs allow web scraping processes to continue in an automated manner without interruption.

Geo APIs

There are multiple free APIs under APILayer for geoprocessing. Some of the most popular APIs are the weatherstack API and the ipstack API.

The ipstack API provides developers detailed location information corresponding to the IP address. The information it provides includes the location’s timezone, currency, and continent information.

The weatherstack API, on the other hand, satisfies many weather-related needs that developers may need in their projects. It is used by large companies such as Microsoft, Deloitte, and Ericsson.


In general, it can be said that free APIs provide great convenience to today’s developers. Many developers can access the data they need free of charge with simple API calls. APILayer also provides free plans for all the APIs it lists, providing very positive effects for many developers and businesses in terms of budget and development costs.

View all API products​ under APILayer, and try the API product you need for free.


Q: What is the Most Important Advantage of Using a Free API (Application Programming Interface)?

A: There are many advantages to developers using a free open API. The most important of these advantages is that it does not have any cost. In other words, developers can develop their applications with fake data free of charge by using these open APIs.

Q: What is the Most Popular API Marketplace with the Best Free APIs Across Multiple Categories?

A: APILayer is web developers’ and businesses’ most preferred API marketplace. APILayer is a public API provider that provides free open APIs for all products in the categories it provides.

Q: Can Developers Create Custom Subscription Plans in APILayer?

A: Yes, they can. A custom plan can be created for each simple API under APILayer. After the developers create the custom plan, they can use the product with API keys.

Q: How Can Developers Upload Their Own REST API Products in APILayer?

A: Developers can easily present their RESTful API under APILayer. For this, it is sufficient to enter the ‘List Your API‘ tab in the menu and fill in the necessary form.

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