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Top 10 Flight Search APIs in 2024

People sitting in airplane seats. Developers can use flight search APIs to develop Avaitaion Apps.

Traveling today has become much more accessible, and this has been largely enabled by the development of the internet and digital technologies. Flight search services like Google Flights are one of the important tools that make travel planning easier and improve the travel experience. Such platforms allow users to compare prices, travel times, and even seat comfort from different airlines with just a few clicks. This helps travelers save time and money and enables them to make more informed decisions. The existence of flight search API is indisputable in the recent increase in the number of platforms offering these services.

Flight search platforms play an important role in many different areas of the travel industry. For example, travel agencies and online travel platforms can use a flight API to offer customers a wide range of flight options and streamline the booking process. Additionally, a comprehensive travel experience can be offered by integrating with additional services such as hotel reservations, rental cars, and tourist activities. Airline companies can also provide instant flight information and prices to customers using these APIs on their websites or applications. In addition, they can also offer to compare flight prices to their users. In this article, we will list the best flight search APIs preferred by developers and businesses for high functionality and efficiency. But first, let’s take a closer look at the flight search API.

Demystifying Flight Search APIs

Airline ticket API services are a critical tool that enables players in the travel industry to provide customers with flight information and book flights. These APIs are often integrated into the websites or mobile applications of airlines and travel agencies. For example, many major airlines provide flight information and ticket prices to customers using flight search APIs on their websites and apps. Customers can thus compare flights from different airlines and book directly.

Flight search APIs mainly work by taking a set of parameters. Usually, after users enter information such as travel dates, destination and departure points, and number of passengers, the API searches for suitable flights based on this information and presents the results to users. The API can also filter based on the user’s preferences, such as class and airline preferences. In this way, users can find the flights that best suit their needs.

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Ideally, a flight search API should be user-friendly, reliable, and fast. Additionally, it is very important that the API accesses up-to-date and accurate data. So users can see available flights in real-time. Finally, the API needs to be responsive because users often want to search and book their flights quickly. These features enable a flight booking API to work effectively and provide customers with a seamless travel experience.

Top 10 Flight Data API Services

The increase in demand for flight data APIs has increased the number of APIs serving in this field. Developers and businesses should choose the most reliable and fast ones among these increasing flight data APIs. The most important reasons for this are increasing user satisfaction and providing accurate data. In this section, we will introduce the most popular flight data APIs of 2024, which are preferred by developers and businesses.

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Aviationstack API

home page of the aviationstack flight search api

Aviationstack API is one of the most popular flight search APIs in the market. This API currently serves more than 5,000 companies of all sizes. Aviationstack API offers a very comprehensive service to its users. It is a complete flight API, supporting 250+ countries and 13,000+ airlines. It also provides 10,000+ airports, 19,000+ airplanes, 300+ airplane types, 9,000+ cities, and 500+ aviation taxes. Aviationstack API has surpassed its competitors in this aspect in 2024. Backed by a powerful backbone of aviation data sources, this API delivers accurate details at every stage of any global flight. It is also a very easy-to-use API and supports all major programming languages.

Aviationstack API, which has a very innovative pricing policy, also offers a free plan to its users. It offers 100 API calls per month in its free plan.

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FlightAware API

home page of the flightaware api

FlightAware APIs are another prominent flight data service in the market. Its AeroAPI (formerly FlightXML) provides millions of flight status information at high speed. This API has a structure that is easy to integrate, flexible, and scalable. Also, it is a modern REST-based service. Compatible with all programming languages, AeroAPI offers a 99.5% uptime guarantee. Moreover, it provides historical flight data as well as current flight data. Finally, this API is used by large-scale companies such as NASA and Hawaiian Airlines.

It has a pay-as-you-go model and charges its users per request. It offers requests up to $5 per month for free.

Skyscanner API

home page of the skyscanner api

Today, Skyscanner is a very effective platform that offers flight tickets, car rental, and hotel reservation information from multiple providers from a single point. The Skyscanner API offered by this platform is also quite innovative and comprehensive. This API is essentially a travel API. Skyscanner API supports more than 52 markets and 30 languages. Additionally, it stands out as a global service that gives users access to more than 1,300 supply partners. One of the most important features that distinguishes it from other travel APIs is that it provides car rental, hotel reservation, and flight information from a single point.

Skyscanner Travel API offers free global data from over 1,200 supply partners.

Aviation Edge API

home page of the aviation edge flight search api

Aviation Edge API is a powerful flight web service that offers developers a wide range of aviation services and databases. This API provides users with all aviation data in a developer-centric way, from live flight tracking to actual airport schedules, airline routes, and much more. Flight Tracker API, Schedules API, Airline Routes API, Flight Delay API, Historical Schedules API, and Nearby Airports API are just a few of the services it offers. Aviation Edge API provides detailed documentation. It allows interactive testing of the services provided in this documentation.

Aviation Edge API’s free plan has recently ended. It welcomes its users with a starter plan of $7 per month.

Amadeus API

home page of the amadeus api

Amadeus is a global service provider that has recently provided flight data to many airlines. The flight API that this company offers to developers and businesses is one of the most reliable web services in the market. Its API searches over 400 airlines to find the cheapest flights for a given itinerary. Additionally, this API has unmatched flexibility to search for flights between two cities, search multiple cities for longer travel plans, and even offer the cheapest options possible. The API provides a list of flight offers for each itinerary, including prices, airline information, baggage allowances, and more about the flight.

The free plan that Amadeus API offers for testing purposes offers very comprehensive usage. It also has a paid plan with broad usage limits.


home page of the flightapi

FlightAPI is another popular flight data API today that offers to compare flight prices, track status, and access airport schedules. With this API, developers and businesses can quickly search and track flight prices from multiple suppliers. Additionally, they can obtain prices for one-way, round-trip, and even multi-city trips. This API also provides flight status information. It provides accurate information regarding your departure and arrival, such as departure and arrival times, date, terminal, and current status. Furthermore, FlightAPI accepts IATA codes.

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This API does not offer a free subscription plan to its users. It offers an API key for testing purposes if developers contact them.

Duffel API

home page of the duffel api

Duffel is a flight API that provides flights from more than 300 airlines. This API offers users a flight search service for one-way, round-trip, or multi-city trips to thousands of destinations, thanks to its smart routing engine. Duffel API also enables businesses to provide complete services to their users with the transparent fare it offers. Additionally, this API provides CO₂ emissions and baggage allowance information about flights.

This API, which has a pay-as-you-go pricing model, offers free sign-up to its users.

AirLabs API

home page of the airlabs api

AirLabs Data API is a widely used flight data API used by cargo, airlines, startups, and developers today. This API provides globally reliable and accurate aviation data in one place. It is also a developer-friendly API. This API provides the response in JSON, XML, and CSV formats, offering developers a comfortable integration process. Finally, it provides interactive documentation for developers to test the flight data it provides.

AirLabs API offers developers and businesses a free plan limited to 1,000 API queries per month. It also has multiple paid subscription plans and caters to almost every budget.

Lufthansa API

home page of the lufthansa open api

Lufthansa is an airline company based in Germany. The Lufthansa Open API it offers is a complete flight data API like many other flight APIs in the market. This API mainly allows users to get information about all airlines, airports, nearby airports, and planes. Lufthansa Open API is preferred by many travel platforms and agencies today because of the comprehensive data it offers.

Lufthansa Open API offers its users a public plan for testing purposes. Developers should contact Lufthansa for this plan.

OAG Flight Info API

home page of the oag flight info api

OAG’s Flight Info API is a web service that provides detailed aviation information. This API provides users with flight search, flight information, flight seats, booking, and flight status information. This API can also be easily parsed in all major programming languages with its response in JSON format.

OAG Flight Info API offers its users a free plan limited to 50 API calls per month.

Wrapping Up: Flight Search Services for Developers

In summary, flight search services offer a powerful toolset for developers. These services allow users to easily search and book flights while providing developers with a variety of integration and customization options. Flight search APIs are indispensable to provide customers with a better user experience and deliver effective solutions in the travel industry. Additionally, using these APIs, developers can develop innovative travel apps and services and improve the travel experience. Therefore, for developers, flight search services offer a dynamic and potentially filled field.

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Q: What is flight API and its importance?

A: Flight APIs (Application Programming Interface) are software tools that allow developers to access flight data. These APIs can retrieve real-time flight information from airlines and other flight service providers, allowing users to search, compare, and even book flights. Therefore, flight APIs form the basis of many platforms in the travel industry.

Q: Does the aviationstack API provide flight prices?

A: The aviationstack API typically provides real-time flight data but does not provide direct access to flight prices. The aviationstack API provides detailed data on airlines, airports, and other flight service providers at high speed. This data includes flight routes, departure and arrival times, aircraft types, and other information.

Q: What are the common usage scenarios of flight APIs?

A: Common usage scenarios for flight APIs are diverse. For example, travel agencies and online travel platforms can offer customers a wide range of flight options using these APIs. In addition, airline companies use these APIs on their websites or applications to provide flight information of different airlines to customers.

Q: Is aviationstack a free flight API?

A: Yes, it is. Aviationstack is a flight API provider that offers both free and paid plans. In its free plan, it offers limited usage to its users with 100 API calls per month.

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