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Top 7 Managed Reliable Email Service API For Small To Big Businesses

Top 7 Managed Reliable Email APIs For Small To Big Businesses

Despite advancements in communication technology, many businesses still use email as their main mode of communication. They send numerous emails daily to remain in contact with their customers and stakeholders. Manually sending all these emails, however, can be both tedious and time-consuming. That’s where a good email service API can help. A good email service API enables businesses to add advanced email capabilities to their apps through email API integration.

In the following section, we will discuss the top seven managed Email APIs with their key features.

What Is Mailboxlayer?

Mailboxlayer is a simple yet powerful email validation API. It is free to use and validates emails through various means such as syntax checks, DNS and SMTP checks, typo and spelling checks, and provider filtering. Mailboxlayer also supports bulk email validation.

Mailboxlayer is a RESTful API that sends data in lightweight JSON format. Because of this, it offers a lightning-fast response to all the requests it receives. Moreover, 256-bit encryption protects and secures its users against fraudulent emails.

Mailboxlayer API is easy to use. Its users can make requests using a simple URL structure. It also comes with excellent documentation that explains each endpoint and feature of the API. It also includes code samples in PHP and JavaScript.

Mailboxlayer provides three subscription plans: basic, professional, and enterprise. It also offers a free plan for testing purposes and personal use.

How Can SendGrid Help Your Business?

SendGrid is a good email service API

SendGrid is a reliable email API and one of the best mailbox providers. It also has excellent technical support. It is now owned by Twilio. SendGrid also provides an intuitive API with comprehensive documentation. SendGrid focuses on transactional emails.  It does not support marketing emails.

SendGrid developers benefit from its SMTP and RESTful APIs to ensure speedy and reliable delivery of emails. The SendGrid free plan provides 100 emails per day, while its paid plans can handle up to 300,000 emails per day.

SendGrid offers its users many advantages. These advantages include secure account management, an impressive UI for easy data analysis, and quick troubleshooting. Top brands like eBay, Yelp, Uber, and Spotify trust SendGrid services.

SendGrid pricing differs according to the number of emails you send each month.

Why Should You Try Postmark For Your Email Service API?

Next on the list, Postmark stands out among other email service providers for its high email delivery speed. This email API supports both transactional emails and marketing emails.

Postmark offers an extensive array of client libraries in many programming languages like PHP, Python, and Java. This easy-to-use API allows users to send emails, retrieve stats and bounce insights, integrate with other email tools, and process inbound emails. Postmark also offers a secure SMTP service for simple applications.

Postmark features a user-friendly dashboard where you can view comprehensive analytics related to your account. It also offers various API endpoints, which allow users to retrieve these data by coding.

This email API provider comes with excellent documentation and has high transparency regarding critical statistics. However, one major drawback of Postmark is not offering a free plan for users.

Why Is Elastic Email A Good Option For Your Email Service API?

Elastic Email is one of the most robust and cost-effective email APIs. It has a super-fast infrastructure. It can also support volumes of more than 100 million sent emails every month.

Elastic Email allows users to send emails using the HTTP API or SMTP protocol. It supports many programming languages and frameworks, allowing developers to efficiently integrate the API with a wide range of apps and websites. It also provides webhooks and various other integrations to extend its functionality.

Elastic Email will send you quick notifications regarding your sent emails. These include notifications for bounces, errors, clicks, and opens. This statistic-rich feature set will help you increase the ROI of your email campaigns and make important business decisions.

Elastic Emails pricing starts from $0.10 for the basic plan and increases to $0.15 for the pro plan. The pro plan includes all the features of the basic plan plus some additional features such as inbound processing, webhooks, user management, sub-accounts, and reseller features.

What Does Mailmodo Offer You?

Mailmodo is another popular email API provider for sending transactional emails. It can manage a wide range of transactional emails, from account creation emails, password recovery, and account notifications to cart recovery and order receipts. Moreover, Mailmodo supports sending these emails automatically as particular events trigger.

Mailmodo allows users to easily customize their emails using pre-built email templates. Moreover, Mailmodo users can easily create interactive AMP & HTML emails using their drag-and-drop builder without any coding. It also provides an analytics section that helps to boost your email campaigns.

This email service platform offers a free plan with 10,000 emails per month. Users can scale further with their premium plans or even go for a custom plan.

What Is Mailgun?

Mailgun is one of the best email API providers for convenient sending bulk or transactional emails. Developers can integrate this email API into their applications to effortlessly send and track emails. It also offers email validation and other email capabilities.

This email API offers advanced email analytics. These analytics helps users track their email performance. With Mailgun, you can also view different metrics like clicks and opens. With this information, you can then decide when is the best time to send your emails.

Mailgun offers a better email delivery service by allowing users to send emails through their own domains and SPF customization. Moreover, Mailgun’s concise error logs help you detect and troubleshoot failed email issues.

Mailgun ensures the security of your emails by sending emails through dedicated IP addresses and isolated domains. It comes with thorough and user-friendly documentation, including examples in various languages.

The price of the Mailgun package will vary depending on the number of emails sent per month and the number of dedicated IPs.

How Does SMTP Benefit Users?

SMTP is an email service with a good reputation in the market for its high delivery rate and spam email detection. It has transactional email support and sends automated notifications to customers on various transactions.

The SMTP email API differs from other email APIs due to its relay infrastructure. You can easily integrate it into apps and it offers plenty of flexibility with its relay settings. The SMTP email service API also provides clear, comprehensive documentation and 24/7 tech support.

The pricing of SMTP starts at $25 for 50,000 emails per month. Other, more expensive, plans offer more emails and features.

Why Should You Choose Mailboxlayer As Your Email Service API?

Unlike all the others, Mailboxlayer addresses all the issues associated with the traditional email sending process. It fully verifies each email that comes into your system to eliminate spoofing, bots, and spam emails. Furthermore, it offers secure data streams to protect your emails from unauthorized personnel.

Next, Mailboxlayer is a highly scalable API built atop the robust APILayer cloud infrastructure. This cloud infrastructure guarantees the API 100% uptime. Because of this, users can trust Mailboxlayer is a reliable API to integrate with.

Finally, Mailboxlayer has different subscription plans to fit every user’s budge.  It also offers a free plan so you can try the API before purchasing.

Looking for a reliable email service API to uplift your business? Shift to Mailboxlayer!

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