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What Is The Best IP Address Tracker For Website Localization?

ipstack the best IP Address Tracker

With the outreach of the internet to all corners around the globe, it is possible to expand the horizons of your business and create your presence worldwide. You are now in a position to compete with your rivals internationally. But how do you get an edge over your competitors? Website localization plays an important role in this regard and offers one possible solution to help you stand out.  Localizing your website empowers you to reach out to a broad range of audiences internationally. This can only be possible if you have access to an IP address tracker.

An IP tracker helps you locate and identify the local region, country, and city of your users. Continue reading to discover how ipstack’s address lookup API helps you localize your website and bring more value to your business.

What is Website Localization?

The term website localization refers to customizing or adapting a website so that it reflects the local culture and environment of the visitor. Hence, the backend server of a website modifies its contents so that the website renders according to the location of a user/visitor. The visitors, therefore, view customized content, which is specialized for their local region.

What Does the Process of Website Localization Adapt in a Website?

Website localization is a sophisticated process and it involves one or more of the following:

  • Display the content of a website in the local language of a user/visitor. This involves translating the website from one source language to the locally spoken language.
  • The website renders all contents according to the cultural norms of a user/visitor. This means that the website modifies all images and content so that they reflect the local region of a visitor.
  • The website shows all measurements in the metric system used in the local region of a user/visitor. Hence, the website has a system of conversion of all measuring units.
  •  If the website is advertising a product, then it displays all prices and costs of these commodities in the local currency of a visitor.
  • The website shows all numbers, addresses, and phone numbers in the local format of a visitor.

What are the Benefits of Website Localization?

Website localization has huge obvious benefits. If you want your business to reach out to everyone around the globe, then website localization is an essential aspect to consider. Here are a few benefits of website localization:

  • A website that translates content into the local language of a user is easier to comprehend and interpret for that user.
  • With website localization, a website feels more natural to a user. Users are more comfortable viewing content that reflects their local norms and culture.
  • A user has to spend less time perusing an entire website if it is specialized according to their region. For example, users don’t have to translate text, convert currency values, or more.

How Do I Use IP Address Tracker for Website Localization?

ipstack: The Best IP Address Tracker For Website Localization

The first step in the process of website localization is to find the location of your users and visitors. One of the best ways to locate visitors is to use their IP address. However, not all IP address trackers give the exact location of a user. You need a reliable and trustworthy source that provides a good estimate of a user’s whereabouts. APILayer comes to your rescue with a great API service for IP geolocation. That API is ipstack’s location services API.

Why is ipstack the Best IP Address Tracker for Website Localization?

ipstack offers the best API for IP address location. ipstack is a REST-based API with a JSON response object. Here is an example query:

As you can see, all you need in the query is an IP address and an access key. An example of the response object is:

You can see that the response object contains the exact geolocation of the user. It has precise coordinates in terms of longitude and latitude. It also has the region, city, country, and continent of the user.

Can I Know the Local Currency with ipstack’s IP Address Tracker for Website Localization?

Indeed yes! Showing all prices and costs of products in the local currency of a user is an important feature of website localization. ipstack fully enables you to get the currency of the user. The currency object in the JSON response of the API looks as follows:

You can see that the response JSON has details of the currency of a visitor. Along with currency name, it also has its symbol and code.

How Do I Know the Local Time Zone with ipstack’s IP Address Tracker?

The response object from ipstack’s IP location API contains a field for the time zone of a user. Here are the details:

You can see that ipstack returns details of not only the time zone in terms of the GMT offset but also the current time, code, and daylight saving information. With this knowledge, you can display all time-related units according to the time zone of the user when localizing your website.

What Other Features Do I Get with ipstack’s IP Address Tracker for Website Localization?

There are numerous other capabilities for localizing websites with ipstack’s IP address tracker. With ipstack’s IP address tracker, you can identify the exact location of your visitors. Here are a few possibilities for website localization:

  • Show personalized content to your users based on their location.
  • Show geo-targeted advertisements to your users.
  • Convert all units of measurements to the local metric system of a user.
  • Translate all content in the local language of a user.

How Do I Sign Up to Use ipstack’s IP Address Tracker APIs?

Don’t miss out on the best geo-location features offered by ipstack’s IP address tracker APIs.
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