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What’s the Best Email API Service?

Best email API service

Any marketing plan that wants to enhance conversion rates has to send emails to the right people. However, for your campaign to be successful, you must ensure that your database is free of any fraudulent email addresses. This is where having a good email API may help. If you use an email API service, your database will only include genuine email addresses and client contact information. In addition, an email validator API checks the authenticity of email IDs and removes those that aren’t genuine from your database. Consequently, you may successfully grow your business by sending emails to the right customers and high-value contacts.

Mailboxlayer offers a simple REST-based JSON API for extensively inspecting and validating email addresses at entry. As a result, most people consider it the best email API.

This article will first discuss what features an email API should have and then conclude which is the best email API service in the market.

What Can Users Expect From Email APIs?

email API service on iMac

Applications may access many features and functions of email systems via APIs. Sending emails, reviewing email statistics, and altering templates are all examples of its features.

From a business standpoint, email APIs make communicating easier. These solutions, among other things, improve the likelihood of deliverability, which is critical for marketing campaigns. Email APIs also aid businesses in establishing trustworthy client relationships.

Email APIs, for the most part, save developers time and effort. It maintains track of time, which is essential for any businessperson. Users can also connect with several vendors from a single location using the API. As a result, email APIs are now necessary for all kinds of commercial organizations. APIs’ benefits also extend to a wide range of applications. They are, for example, simple to use, cost-effective, and combine email functionality with software programs. Furthermore, an email API provides statistics and a higher degree of sending emails with dependable service.

Businesses that rely on email campaigns for sales must frequently assess the campaign’s success. As a result, email marketers must keep an eye on real-time stats to adjust their marketing plan.

Email APIs aid clients in overcoming challenges, resulting in improved email deliverability. Several email API service providers, once again, have a system in place to keep an eye on their servers at all times. As a result, they help their clients ensure that their emails are delivered correctly. This is accomplished by continually monitoring email servers and solving server-related obstacles.

To summarise, from a developer’s standpoint, an email API makes it easy to insert code. Furthermore, the time saved by email APIs may be better used. The features listed above are what you should expect from an email API. Regrettably, there aren’t many choices on the market.

What Is Mailboxlayer, And How Does It Work?

Mailbox layer an email API service

Users anticipate various features from their email service API, as previously mentioned. But unfortunately, only a few APIs are capable of delivering them. You don’t have to be concerned, though, since Mailboxlayer has you covered.

What Characterizes Mailboxlayer as a Secure API?

When validating an email address, the Mailboxlayer API performs a routine email syntax check to confirm that it complies with standard expression specifications. See the API documentation for further details. The format valid JSON object in the API response will return true or false depending on whether the email’s syntax is valid.

What Methods Does Mailboxlayer Use to Guarantee Verification?

After completing the registration process, each user obtains a personal API Access Key, which serves as a one-of-a-kind “password” for accessing the API’s data and services. Include your access key in the primary endpoint URL to verify using Mailboxlayer API.

Additionally, because all verification tools are supplied by the same API endpoint, sending an email validation request to the Mailboxlayer API is straightforward. The simplest basic API request just needs one parameter and the access key field to verify email addresses. In the universal and lightweight JSON format, Mailboxlayer returns all validation data. Each API response comprises ten different response objects, the contents of which may be found in the API description. Please read this article for more information about email validation.

Any customer that utilizes the Mailboxlayer API gets a secure connection to any data that the API makes available (industry-standard SSL). Simply add an s to the HTTP Protocol, making it HTTPS://, to establish a secure connection. Users can ensure safe and encrypted data transfers by connecting to the API using industry-standard HTTPS.

When the API Encounters a Typo, What Does It Do?

Suppose the API detects a possible mistake in the URL of the email address. In that case, the Mailboxlayer API will propose an alternate email address in the did_you_mean object of the API return set.

What Benefits Does Mailboxlayer Come Along With?

email API service on macbook

The mass email address check tool offered through this API is a premium service available only to Pro plus and Enterprise users. Users can use the bulk email tool to request email checks for multiple addresses. To the API’s primary URL, add a list of comma-separated email addresses. For each email address in the request, the API response will contain a number of objects.

// verify email address via AJAX call
url: 'http://apilayer.net/api/check?access_key=' + access_key + '&email=' + email_address1 + ', 'email_address2,
dataType: 'jsonp',
success: function(json) {

// Access and use your preferred validation result objects


Furthermore, the most amazing email API provides superior capabilities at a low cost. It offers four distinct options, one of which is completely free. Each month, the Free Plan offers 250 API requests.

Mailboxlayer is a free, simple, and powerful JSON API that rapidly validates and verifies email addresses using syntax verification, scanning for any typos or spelling errors. Furthermore, its system is protected by 256-bit HTTPS encryption, which aids developers and companies in combatting fraudulent users, increasing email marketing success rates, and only delivering emails to real customers. These features and benefits make Mailboxlayer the best email validator API to start with for novices.

Now that you know the best email API service click here to start your journey with Mailboxlayer!

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