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Why Do I Need A Web Search Engine API

Why Do I Need A Web Search Engine API

With a plethora of information available on the internet, a search engine helps deliver only the information that is relevant to the search. Various search engines enable users to search through different types of information such as news, maps, videos, etc. Today’s modern websites offer users search capability to enhance the user experience. A search engine API enables them to integrate search functionality into websites. This allows users to search through the search engines. Are you looking to integrate such a capability into your application? Then this article will help you as this article discusses why you should use a web search engine API. 

How can I integrate a major Web Search Engine API?

Why do you need a web search engine API

All major search engines provide endpoints. For example, Google has Google Search Engine API for standard search as well as searching for information like images, maps, and news. You can also use their other specific APIs like Youtube Search API to retrieve video-related information such as video ranking. You can also use Google Shopping Product Page API to obtain valuable product insights and information.

The Bing Web Search API, is a popular API owned by Microsoft. It enables you to integrate Bing’s search functionalities into your application. Many more search engine APIs provide specific search results. You can choose whatever API you want to integrate into your application according to your requirements. If you want your users to give a high-quality search experience, then you should find the best one among them.

How can I reduce development complexities with a web search engine API?

Building a web search from scratch can involve a lot of coding effort. You also may have to focus on making it efficient and scalable to serve a growing user base. It means you have to invest a significant amount of time and money in implementing and managing search engine infrastructure. If you use a web search engine API, you can build on top of it and extend its functionality without much effort. It allows you to focus on your application functionality rather than managing the infrastructure. 

Also, web applications can be written in different programming languages. The search engine you want to use in your application should be compatible with your tech stack. Luckily, there are web search engine APIs that support all Programming Languages. Therefore, you can focus on providing the exact user experience rather than resolving programming-related complexities. 

Are you worried about cost management? 

Developing a search engine that meets your scalability and efficiency targets not only time-consuming but also it can be costly. It can involve fine-tuning the API with performance tests and leveraging more computing resources to increase its performance. All these things involve many costs, from human resources to the underlying infrastructure. 

If you are worried about managing such costs, a search engine API is the best solution. Search Engine APIs generally have several packages that offer different capabilities, and there are affordable options to choose from depending on your requirements and the budget. You just have to pay for your API usage. Some APIs also provide custom plans to get a package that matches your requirements with custom features. It lets you focus completely on business logic rather than worrying about cost management.

Is security your top-most priority?

API security has to be one of your top-most considerations when you build your own search engine API. For example, you have to implement API security tokens and support enterprise-grade encryption and data privacy standards. Implementing these things require experts in the field. And they can be also time-consuming. However, if you build your own one, you must implement them in order to keep your business and consumers safe.

If you choose a web search API, you do not have to worry about API security. Good web search APIs come with necessary security features. They constantly test, validate and update their APIs. You just need to find out what their privacy and security policies say about what information they retain. 

Do you want to provide the best possible speed to your search capability with a search engine API?

Speed is a very important factor you have to consider for your search capability. It takes more than your defined Service Level Agreement (SLA) value to return the search results in real-time. Thus, it will impact the user experience. You may have to provide more resources and use costly infrastructure for maximum speed. This is one reason why you should go for a third-party search engine API. Search engine APIs are generally powered by robust infrastructure designed to provide the maximum speed in returning results. 

Do you want to provide the best possible scalability to your search capability?

You can have to consider both speed and scalability when providing the search functionality. Your user base can grow with time, and suddenly, you may get a large volume of requests for your search functionality. You have to be able to manage these sudden spikes at any time. So you can ensure your application will operate without any downtime.

To achieve scalability, auto-scaling is important so that your search capability can continue to function without any impact, even with a high load. It can be complex, costly, and time-consuming if you go on building your own search engine. But with a search engine API, you do not have to worry about that. APIs have mechanisms for scalability to provide the required performance no matter how large your load is. 

Do you want to go beyond basic search functionality with a search engine API?

Sometimes developing a basic search function can be done with minimal effort. But it can be tricky if you plan to provide more features. For example, do you want to provide keyword search volume? Do you want to add Bulk Index Checkers? You can implement them from scratch or integrate them with the help of separate third-party tools. However, it will be time-consuming to build it. At the same time, it can be quite tedious to maintain them. Search Engine APIs provide additional functionalities. They have subscriptions that provide additional useful features. Therefore, you can easily enhance your search engine capability. 

Ready to get started with a powerful with a web search engine API? 

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