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10 Best Google Search APIs To Access Search Results

Search results provided by a Google Search API

When it comes to search engines, Google is undoubtedly the market leader with more than 80% of the global search market share. Naturally, every business wants to rank on the first page of Google to get noticed by potential customers. As a result, businesses are focusing on search engine optimization (SEO) more than ever. A crucial aspect of an effective SEO strategy is to scrape Google search results to get meaningful insights and improve search ranking. However, extracting such a large amount of data manually takes a lot of time and can generate inaccurate results. This is where you can use a Google search API.

An API for Google search allows you to scrape search results data for any keyword programmatically. You can then use this data to analyze top keywords, keep an eye on competitors’ activity and understand consumer trends.

In this article, we’ll show you the ten best Google search APIs to access real-time and accurate search results within minutes.

What Are Some Of The Best Google Search APIs?

Zenserp Google Search API

Zenserp Google search API

Zenserp is one of the leading SERP (Search Engine Results Page) APIs that allows users to scrape SERP data in real-time. The efficient API is capable of handling a very high volume of search results without compromising performance. Additionally, Zenserp provides highly accurate and geolocated search engine results.


Organic And Paid Results

Organic results usually get the most clicks. These results depend on factors like web traffic, keyword usage, and relevancy, backlinks, etc. Hence, it’s crucial to analyze these results for your desired keyword/keywords and make an SEO strategy accordingly. With Zenserp Google search API, you can extract highly accurate organic results as well as paid results for a query. The API returns useful SERP information:

  • Title
  • Ranking of a post on Google
  • Destination
  • URL
  • Description
  • Date

The API also returns inline news as part of the organic results.

Images And Video Results

Zenserp Google search API is capable of returning all image results for a keyword or a set of keywords. The API  also supports image reverse search results. Additionally, when you request organic results for a query, Zenserp also returns video results. The API provides useful information, such as the URL and title of the video.

Other SERP Results

Zenserp Google search API supports many other SERP snippets:

  • Local results
  • All shopping results for a specific query
  • Knowledge graph
  • Map results, which include information related to local restaurants, stores, etc.)
  • People also ask for results
  • Answer box Results, such as weather reports, dictionary, calculations, and much more
Supports All Major Search Engines

Zenserp supports all major search engines, including Google, Youtube, Bing, and more.

Extensive Documentation

The Zenserp API has extensive documentation containing all the details about API endpoints, events, and methods. The documentation also has coding examples for common use cases.

Free Plan

Zenserp comes with a completely free plan that gives you 50 API requests per month. If you want more API requests, you can subscribe to one of the paid plans. 


SerpBot API

Serpsbot is another affordable and fast Google Search API that provides real-time organic search data.


  • Returns organic search data in real-time
  • Capable of handling millions of requests efficiently
  • Returns results within a few seconds
  • Allows users to request more than one Google Search page with a single API call
  • Supports Google news, images, and videos
  • Allows users to request search suggestions from Google for a set of keywords
  • Offers a free trial


SerpWoW Google search API

SerpWow is a reliable SERP API that returns search engine results within minutes. In addition to Google search, the API also supports many other major search engines. 


  • Supports Google, Bing, Amazon, Yahoo, eBay, Baidu, and many other search engines
  • Super easy to integrate into apps
  • Returns Google web search, news, answer box, images, ads, videos, and more
  • Supports reverse image search
  • Returns real-time data
  • Returns results in JSON & CSV 
  • Allows users to scrape search data from any location worldwide using the SerpWow Locations API
  • Allows users to request as many as 15,000 searches in bulk using the batches search

SERPMaster Google Search API

SERPMaster Google search API

SERPMaster is among the most affordable Google search APIs that returns both organic and paid Google search results to help improve your SEO strategy. It offers several other APIs as well, such as Google news API, image API, shopping API, and more.

  • Returns both organic and paid Google search results
  • Supports Google web search, news, shopping, image, trends, and more
  • Supports reverse image search and provides real-time data from any location, device, or browser.
  • Allows users to test the API’s feature for free
  • Returns easy-to-read structured data in JSON or HTML format

Serpstack Google Search API

Serpstack Google search API

Serpstack is a complete Google search API that offers full search engine coverage. The efficient API allows users to retrieve all the search results regarding a specific query.


  • Returns organic results for a query with important information, such as title, domain, URL, the position of the post, and description.
  • Returns sponsored ads/paid results in the order they are displayed on Google
  • Supports news, shopping, image, and video results
  • Returns answer box, events, and knowledge graphs (if any) for a query
  • Returns related questions for a query or keyword
  • Provides results in easy-to-read in JSON or CSV format
  • Various customization options like specifying the device and language

SerpAPI Google Search API


SerpAPI is a highly accurate Google search API that provides instant results. 


  • Supports web search, images, videos, events, news, local results, and many more
  • Returns useful information like links, ratings, tweets, addresses,  prices, thumbnails, reviews, rich snippets, and more
  • Provides results in JSON format
  • Returns results within seconds
  • Solves All Captchas to provide highly accurate search results

Oxlylabs SERP Scraper API


Oxylabs SERP scarper API supports all major search engines and returns accurate data.


  • Supports Google, Bing, Yandex, and Baidu
  • Retrieves both organic and paid search result data
  • Provides real-time SERP data
  • Returns data in JSON format
  • You only have to pay for results that are delivered successfully
  • Easy to use and integrate 
  • Scalable


SerpHouse SERP API

SerpHouse is an efficient SERP API that you can use to build your very own SEO tool.


  • Provides accurate data from any Google location around the world
  • Supports Google, Bing, and Yahoo
  • Returns top 100 results from SERP
  • Allows users to choose their desired device, such as Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet 
  • Returns results within five seconds
  • Returns answer box, people also ask, knowledge graph and more 
  • Supports bulk processing

Bright Data

Bright data Google search API

Bright Data is another highly accurate and reliable SERP API that provides global SERP data. 


  • Provides real-time search data
  • Customizable
  • Blazing fast – returns results within a few seconds
  • Supports Google, Bing, Yandex, and more
  • Supports several Google search types
  • Deliver structured data in JSON or HTML format

Scale SERP


Scale SERP is an affordable Google search API that is easy to integrate into your apps.


  • Supports web, images, and videos search
  • Can handle millions of requests
  • Supports batch search
  • Returns data in JSON format
  • Provides 125 free searches per month

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