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10 Best IP Geolocation APIs In 2024

10 Best IP Geolocation API In 2022

IP geolocation APIs allow you to locate your site visitors. Also, they help you to retrieve key information, including country, city, and time zone. By utilizing the information, you can make effective adjustments to your marketing strategy. You can timely send promotional emails to customers. Also, you can localize the content to enhance engagement. There is a huge number of IP geolocation APIs on the market. All of them claim to deliver the best features and performance. But which is truly the best IP geolocation API for 2024? This post will explore the top 10 APIs for geolocating site visitors by their IP addresses. Let’s dive in.

Why Do You Need The Best IP Geolocation API?

The best IP geolocation API provides a wealth of benefits. It helps you to accurately identify the location of users. As a result, you can deliver improved and highly personalized services and content to users. For example, you can provide prices in local currencies, like USD, GBP, INR, etc.

Also, you can translate your website into local languages, like English, Arabic, or French. It will enable you to increase ad interactions and conversion rates. On top of that, you can optimize your marketing strategies by using the retrieved data. For instance, you can identify the regions or countries from where most of your customers are coming. You can utilize the insight to tailor your marketing strategies.

What Are The 10 Best IP Geolocation APIs For 2024?

  1. Ipstack
  2. Positionstack
  3. IP-API
  4. Abstract’s IP Geolocation API
  5. Maxmind
  6. Ipdata
  7. Ipgeolocation.io
  8. DB IP
  9. IP2Location
  10. ipinfo

1. Ipstack – The Best IP Geolocation API for 2022

1. Ipstack – The Best IP Geolocation API For 2024

Ipstack features a powerful and highly scalable infrastructure. As a result, it can efficiently handle millions of requests. It covers over 2 million unique locations in over 200,000 cities. Therefore, you will always get the accurate location of your site visitors.

Ipstack provides highly useful data, such as country, region, city, etc.  Also, it provides time zones. You can utilize the data to craft your marketing campaign.  Besides, Ipstack offers a currency module. Hence, you can display products to customers in their local currencies. On top of that, Ipstack offers a superior security module. It enables you to identify crawlers, proxies, and other threats. Hence, you can prevent them before they cause any serious damage to your site or applications. For all these reasons, Ipstack has become the best IP geolocation API for 2024.

2. Positionstack – The Best IP Geolocation API for Real-Time Geocoding

2. Positionstack – The Best IP Geolocation API For Real-Time Geocoding

Postionstack is another amazing geolocation API. It supports forward and reverses batch geocoding. Also, it allows you to set up coordinates in real-time. Hence, you can retrieve geolocation data for any address in real-time.

Positionstack offers a variety of information, including region, country, city, postal code, and street. Also, it supports embeddable maps. Besides, Positionstack allows you to retrieve the data in various formats, like JSON, XML, and GeoJSON. Hence, you get flexibility. On top of that, it is scalable and reliable. It offers high uptime. As a result, Positionstack has become one of the best IP geolocation APIs on the market.

3. Ipapi – The Best IP Geolocation API for Data Accuracy

3. Ipapi – The Best IP Geolocation API For Data Accuracy

Ipapi is a powerful and scalable IP geolocation API. It can accurately locate users by IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. It has long-term relationships with ISP providers. Hence, you will always get the best IP data.

Ipapi is very easy to integrate into applications. You just need to write a few lines of code. Also, it supports JSON and XML. Therefore, you can retrieve the data in your preferred format. Besides, it provides different geolocation data, like city, country, ISP, etc. You can use them to customize content and ads.

4. Abstract’s IP Geolocation API

4. Abstract’s IP Geolocation API

Abstract’s IP geolocation API boasts several amazing features. For example, it allows you to make bulk requests. As a result, you can get a large number of IP addresses at once.

Also, Abstract’s IP geolocation API offers five different modules, including location, security, time zone, connection, and currency. Hence, you get plenty of data to create personalized content. Besides, the API offers bank-grade security and regularly updated data. On top of that, it provides comprehensive documentation and numerous tutorials to help you get started quickly.

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5. Maxmind

5. Maxmind

Maxmind is known for its IP geolocation and fraud detection capability. It offers highly accurate city and country databases. As a result, it can efficiently detect the IP addresses of your site visitors.

Maxmind provides the latest data. Hence, you will never have to worry about data reliability. Also, it is a great tool for optimizing targeted ads with intelligent fraud detection. Therefore, you get a versatile solution. Besides, it is very easy to use. Hence, you can effortlessly implement geolocation service into your application. Overall, it’s one of the best IP geolocation APIs that you can find right now.

6. Ipdata

6. Ipdata

Ipdata is one of the best APIs for geolocation and proxy detection. It enables you to effortlessly find the IP address of your website visitor. Hence, you can easily localize site content and target ads.

Ipdata offers high uptime and fast geolocating capability. It allows you to apply geographic restrictions. Hence, you can prevent visitors of certain states or countries from accessing your website. The API is a great choice for enforcing GDPR compliance. Also, it offers a proxy detection service. Therefore, you can prevent online fraud from getting into your site.

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7. Ipgeolocation.io

7. Ipgeolocation.io

Ipgeolocation.io is a free geolocation API. It allows you to look up any IPv4 or IPv6 address. Therefore, you can identify its physical location.

Apart from geolocation, the API enables you to detect VPNs and potential security threats.  Hence, you can take the necessary steps even before they cause major damage. Also, it offers high uptime of 99.99%. Therefore, the API is very reliable. Blazing fast performance and the highly accurate database have made it one of the best IP geolocation APIs for 2024.

8. DB IP

8. DB IP

DB IP is a great resource for geolocation and network intelligence. It covers over 2 million unique locations in more than 215000 cities worldwide. Therefore, it can help you to get details of your site visitors.

You can use DB IP to identify different information, like city, state, district, time zone, etc.  Also, it provides information on threat levels. Hence, you can identify risky accounts and defend your infrastructure against cyberattacks. Besides, DB IP offers easy integration. The whole process takes just a few minutes.

9. IP2Location

9. IP2Location

IP2Location allows you to geolocate users without any explicit permission. Thanks to the non-intrusive lookup technology. All you need is just the IP address to get detailed information.

IP2Location provides a variety of data, including country, city, ISP, coordinates, and time zone. Also, it helps you to identify users with proxies. Besides, the API is fast and reliable. It utilizes the infrastructure of AWS to deliver high performance and reliability. That’s why IP2Location is regarded as one of the best IP geolocation APIs of 2024.

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10. Ipinfo

10. Ipinfo

Ipinfo is another powerful API. It can geolocate your target user’s location with high accuracy. Also, it offers low-latency IP geolocation lookup.

Ipinfo offers bank-grade security. Therefore, you never have to worry about potential attacks or hacks. Also, it delivers high performance. It is super-fast at processing IP addresses. Besides, Ipinfo is very easy to set up and integrate. You can implement it into your website with just a few lines of code.

Is Ipstack Really The Best IP Geolocation API For 2024?

Ipstack can accurately locate and identify your website visitors by their IP addresses. Thanks to the rock-solid sources obtained from ISPs worldwide. The API is very powerful and highly scalable. Also, it offers bank-grade security. Hence, it secures all the data with 256-bit SSL encryption (HTTPS) technology. Besides, the API is very easy to implement in web apps and sites. On top of that, it is available in both free and paid versions. Therefore, Ipstack is really the best IP geolocation API for 2024 and beyond.

Ipstack is a free IP geolocation API. It is powerful, scalable, and very easy to implement into websites and apps. Try it now for free.


What is a geolocation API?

A geolocation API is a tool for identifying the geographic location of the site and app users. It provides several key insights, like country, city, time zone, ISP, etc.

What is my IP geolocation?

Your IP geolocation is the physical location of your internet-connected device, including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Can I geolocate an IP address?

You can easily geolocate an IP address by using IP geolocation APIs. There are plenty of solutions available online. However, the best one is Ipstack.

How accurate is IP geolocation?

IP-based geolocation services offer 55%-80% percent accuracy for a user’s state or region. For the city, the accuracy range is 50%-75%. Keep in mind that the actual accuracy may vary from provider to provider.

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