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10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Email Check

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Ignore Email Check

Email check is crucial for the success of your business. This is because email check helps ensure your mailing list only has authentic email addresses or customer contact information. This way, you can send emails to the right customers with genuine email IDs and improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. But, what’s the best way to quickly verify email addresses? While you may find different options for validating email IDs, the most efficient way is to use a powerful email check API. In fact, most businesses worldwide now use email check APIs to check the legitimacy, validity, and existence of email IDs. 

If you’re looking for a reliable email check API, mailboxlayer is definitely the best choice. Mailboxlayer uses advanced technologies, such as SMTP verification, syntax check, and typos check, and effectively identifies and eliminates fake email IDs from your database.

In this article, we’ll discuss ten reasons why it’s essential to validate and verify email addresses and show you why mailboxlayer is the right choice for this purpose.

1. Do You Want To Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns?

One of the most effective marketing practices to acquire new customers is to reach out to them through email. The purpose of such emails is to turn potential customers into buyers. However, this is only possible if you’re sending emails to the right and real customers who would actually open your email. This is where you need a powerful email check API like mailboxlayer. The mailboxlayer API lets you verify email IDs right when they’re entering into your system.

When you validate an email address with mailboxlayer, the API first ensures there aren’t any syntax issues. This includes checking the email ID against regular expression rules, such as the format of the email address.

If you want to learn how to validate and verify email addresses with mailboxlayer, check out our guide on email address validation.

2. Do You Want To Get Actionable Data?

Since email check provides you with only valid and authentic email addresses, you will get more valuable and reliable data for analysis when you send emails to those IDs. For instance, you can analyze the recipients’ responses with real email IDs to get accurate insights and make strategic decisions accordingly.

3. Do You Want To Prevent Your Emails From Being Flagged As Spam?

One of the key reasons for emails to be labeled as spam is a bad email sender reputation or low email sender score. The sender’s score is rated from 0 to 100 based on the reliability and reputation of the sender. And a big factor that reduces the sender score is the number of times your emails bounce back, also called a hard bounce. Hard bounce essentially means that your email has failed to deliver because the email ID was invalid, fake, or inactive.

The best way to prevent hard bounces is to validate and verify email IDs in your mailing list using a reliable email check API like mailboxlayer that can instantly check the validity of email IDs. Mailboxlayer also checks the existence of an email address by using MX-Records and the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). You can learn more about mailboxlayer’s email verification process here.

4. Do You Want To Check Email Addresses For Spelling Mistakes?

Sometimes real and genuine users mistakenly provide incorrect email addresses consisting of typos or spelling mistakes. These can be your potential customers, and not sending emails to such IDs can cost you heavily. This is where you need mailboxlayer email check API. Mailboxlayer is capable of checking misspellings and typos in the domain part of email addresses. The API also suggests an alternative email address if it finds any typo in the provided email ID.

5. Do You Want To Identify Catch-All Mail Servers?

Catch-all mail servers are those that are configured to accept all incoming emails sent to the invalid email IDs of the domain. Businesses need to identify such email addresses to reduce bounce rates. Mailboxlayer’s catch-all detection feature allows you to quickly and effectively identify catch-all mail servers and remove those email IDs from your mailing list.

6. Are You Looking To Separate Free Email Addresses From Individual Domains?

Many marketing campaigns involve sending emails to both free email addresses and individual domains. However, you may need to send emails only to individual domain email addresses for certain marketing campaigns. This is where you need mailboxlayer email check API. Mailboxlayer is linked to a daily updated database consisting of all available email providers. This allows the API to separate free email addresses like Gmail and Yahoo from individual domains.

7. Do You Want To Detect Temporary Email Accounts?

Temporary accounts are the accounts that expire after some time (usually 48 hours). These IDs are usually used for activating accounts or receiving passwords. Sometimes, fraudsters also use such accounts. Hence, it’s essential to identify such accounts and remove them from your mailing list as they can increase the bounce rate. Using an efficient email check API like mailboxlayer can help you detect such email accounts. The mailboxlayer API effectively checks whether the requested email address is using a disposable email provider like trashmail.com or mailinator.com and returns a ‘disposable’ object containing ‘true’ or ‘false.’

8. Do You Want To Increase Engagement Rates?

You can only have better engagement rates when you have high email open and click-through rates. This can be done by using an email check API like mailboxlayer that can help you remove invalid and fake email IDs from your mailing list. This means you’ll only be sending emails to real accounts. Hence, there will be a high probability of your emails being opened and read.

9. Do You Want To Save Money?

Many people don’t realize this, but email validation and verification can actually save you money. This is because when you store lots of email IDs, both genuine and fake, in your database and send them in bulk, it costs money. Hence, when you eliminate the fake email IDs from your database, you’ll have fewer but more valuable email IDs in your system, which means less maintenance and less money.

10. Do You Want To Know If An Email ID Is A Role Email Address?

Role email addresses are those that usually point at a function such as “postmaster” or “support” instead of a name or individual. When you send emails to such IDs, it can reduce open rates. Hence, sometimes it’s more beneficial to remove such email addresses from your mailing list. Using the mailboxlayer’s role check feature, you can easily detect if an email address is a role email address.

Which API Should You Use For Email Check?

email check

While there are many email check APIs in the market, mailboxlayer leads the pack with its impressive features, such as real-time email verification, syntax check, typos and misspelling check, ability to separate free email IDs from individual domains, ability to detect temporary accounts and more.

Wait no more and use mailboxlayer email check API today to effectively verify and validate email addresses in your mailing list!

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