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Automatically Convert HTML To PDF With JavaScript

If you are a developer and are looking for a solution to create highly customized PDFs from raw HTML and URLs, this guide’s for you. Whether you’re looking for a way to let your users download reports, invoices, or charts in PDF, many times this results in the requirement of letting users download an HTML page in PDF. The key is using the right API to convert this HTML to PDF. In this tutorial, we will see how to convert HTML to PDF with JavaScript.  

How can I do HTML Conversion to PDF with JavaScript?

The tool that we are going to use in this tutorial is the pdflayer API n. It seamlessly converts high-quality HTML & URLs to highly customized PDFs. 

Who Should Use PDflayer API?

The PDflayer API provides a quick and competitive way to automate your conversion requirements, giving you the ability to process your HTML to PDF conversion in any application.

The API backed by JavaScript is specifically for businesses and developers seeking a fast, secure, and budget-friendly way to seamlessly convert documents using any programming framework or language of their choice.

The RESTful infrastructure is lightly weighted, built over the powerful PDF rendering engines. If you need to process an increasing number of documents in a limited time, PDflayer turns out to be the most reliable, effective, and cost-efficient solution. 

What functionality do I need in an HTML to PDF conversion tool?

With pdflayer API, you get a comprehensive range of customization functionalities, including:

  • Document configuration
  • A series of layout adjustment options
  • Authentication
  • Security
  • Design
  • Branding tweaks
  • And much more

About the Developer

The pdflayer API is a product by apilayer, an Austrian technology firm aiming to help developers, startups, and larger companies automate and outsource complex processes by serving them with dedicated and handy programming interfaces. The company offers quick and simple access to the software to speed up the development of businesses’ applications and ease the burden on their back-end.

What is the best way to convert HTML to PDFs?

You can opt for PDflayer’s trial version, available for unlimited time and offering a volume of 100 monthly API requests. 

However, it is best to get the paid subscription as it will give you significantly higher API request volumes with secure datastreams via 256-bit HTTPS encryption and includes unlimited and prioritized technical support. In exchange for a minimal cost, you get a significantly high value. 

Concluding Thoughts

With PDflayer API, you can streamline your internal documentation as well as give better access to the PDF documents to your clients they require. Conversion of HTML and URLs to customized PDFs with JavaScript has never been easier before. 

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