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Easily Build Powerful Crypto Charting Apps With Javascript, PHP, And Windows 10

Coinlayer is a powerful REST API offered by apilayer which gives you access to over 25 exchanges and 385 coins. Our API offers historical data, bank grade security, and dedicated support to get you up and running FAST. The full list of available cryptocurrencies in the API is available on the symbols page. Data for popular coins is available including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin.

Crypto data is gathered from some of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, requested using HTTP GET and returned in straightforward JSON format. Thanks to a refined fallback algorithm availablity, consistency and reliablity of crypto data returned by the coinlayer API are at the highest level. The Coinlayer API really makes it easy to start building powerful fintech applications. apilayer also offers an easy to use currency api.

The API comes with a series of endpoints, functionalities and options. Demos are provided below for web based applications (Javascript), desktop applications (Object Pascal), and server based applications (PHP).

What cryptocurrency data endpoints are available via the API?

In total the coinlayer API is offering 6 API endpoints, each different in functionality. Find a quick summary below.

  • Live Data Query the API for the latest available exchange rate data.
  • Historical Data Look up crypto rates for a specific date.
  • Conversion Endpoint Convert amounts between cryptocurrencies and target currencies.
  • Time-Frame Data Query the API for crypto data in a specific period.
  • Change Data Retrieve data about rate fluctuation in a specific period.
  • List Endpoint Retrieve a list of all available cryptocurrencies and target currencies.

How can I access live cryptocurrency prices?

The Live Data API is really easy to use and is as simple as the following:

The API response would look like this:

Check out the full live cryptocurrency pricing API documentation.

How can I access historical cryptocurrency data?

Using the coinlayer API’s Historical Rates endpoint you will be able to query the API for historical crypto data all the way back to the year 2011. To use this endpoint, simply append a date (format: YYYY-MM-DD) of your choice to the API’s base URL, followed by your API access key and any of your preferred additional options.

Querying the historical cryptocurrency data is as simple as:

And the response to such a query would look like this:

Check out the full cryptocurrency API documentation.

How can I access the crypto currency API from Javascript?

ExtJS is a powerful JavaScript framework available from Sencha for building data-intensive applications. By integrating the Coinlayer with your ExtJS app, you can build amazing cryptocurrency charts quickly and conveniently. Sencha is a sister company of apilayer. There is a full sample blog post which outlines how to build a Javascript application which uses the Coinlayer API. There is a full demo showing how to access the Coinlayer available over on GitHub.

Read the full crypto API tutorial blog post.

How can I build a Windows 10 app with cryptocurrency charts?

The VCL framework from Embarcadero allows a developer to build a Windows 10 app using either Object Pascal or C++. There is a third party charting package called TeeChart which offers charting capabilities. A tutorial blog post outlines how to use Delphi and TeeChart to build a cryptocurrency charting application for Windows 10. In addition to Windows 10 Delphi can also deploy applications to Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux. The full source code for the Windows 10 cryptocurrency charting app is available over on Github.

Read the full tutorial on building a Windows 10 crypto charting app.

How can I get cryptocurrency prices with PHP?

Find below a simple PHP example for getting exchange rate data for Bitcoin via the coinlayer API’s live endpoint.

We’ve show how easy it is to access live and historical cryptocurrency data using a variety of programming languages and deployment targets with the Coinlayer API from apilayer.

Head over and signup for an API key to start accessing live and historical crypto prices!

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