How To Create A URL Shortener Application

Have you ever wanted to create your own URL shortener? In this article, we’ll show you how to do just that! We’ll go over all the steps involved, from setting up your development environment to deploying your application.  URLs can become lengthy and cumbersome. The typical web address is too intricate to input by hand, and URLs look hideous when entirely typed out. And if you…
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10 Things About Geolocation You May Not Have Known

Geolocation helps you to track the location of your customers and website visitors. It enables you to craft personalized marketing campaigns effectively. As a result, you can significantly enhance the number of sales and grow your business. This post will find 10 things that you may not have known about geolocation. Let’s dive in. What is geolocation? Geolocation refers to the technology of…
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The Anatomy of a Great Email Checker API

Verifying email IDs is critical to the success of your marketing campaign. Without validation, you cannot separate genuine clients from fake customers, and as a result, you can’t reach genuine buyers. By using a great email checker API, you can effectively verify the…

The Anatomy Of A Great Email Address Validation API

Verifying client email addresses can make or break a marketing campaign. Using an email address validation API can eliminate fake email IDs from your database. In addition, It will help you to prevent fraudulent activities. To help you, there are plenty of validation APIs on the market. But which is the best one? What are the characteristics of the best email address validation API? Read on and…
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How To Get Started With Powerful A Geo API Service Using NodeJS

What is positionstack, and What Makes it Powerful? positionstack is an API service that delivers a straightforward and reliable solution for forward and reverse geocoding. positionstack covers more than 2 billion places and addresses worldwide.  Among its features, the positionstack API includes batch geocoding, multi-language support, embeddable map URLs, and more. positionstack…
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