Everything You Need To Know About Automated Web Scraping In Python

Are you looking for ways to extract data from the web? Web scraping is a common and effective process for collecting information easily. By using Scrapestack and Python, you can easily pull a large amount of data from websites quickly. But is it legal to scrape sites? Can the businesses be benefitted in terms of competitive intelligence? In this post, you will find all the details.   What…
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The Future Of API Security Is Through Industry Standards

An Application Programming Interface (API) acts as the intermediate layer between the client and the server, facilitating the communication and data exchange between them. According to a recent API security survey conducted by Imvision, 73% of businesses currently use more than 50 APIs. As the use of APIs has surged over the years, the threats for API security are also on the rise. Thus, It is…
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A look back: Major Trends Influenced Software Developers in 2020

With the lockdowns our daily lives may have slowed down, however, technological development did not. In this article, we will look back at some of the major trends that influenced software developers in 2020. Goodbye, 2020​! The year 2020 is almost up and we can’t wait to get rid of it for sure. Even though we had a rough year, a lot of good things happened this year. With lockdowns our daily…
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