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Fast and Efficient Image Labeling via an API

image labeling

To have strong model performance, it is vital to create a high-quality dataset, whether for computer vision or any other data operation. In addition to gathering photographs of settings that are analogous to those in which you have deployed your system, it is essential to classify images with attention and precision. To accomplish this, we need a powerful image labeling automation service.

But how do you classify images? To correctly identify photographs, what should you bear in mind?

You can recognize and extract information about items in an image across various categories using the Image Labeling APIs provided by APILayer. The picture labeling model used by default can recognize objects, places, products, and several other objects and information.

What Is Image Labeling?

When you label an image, you mark certain items or features. Image labels tell computer vision models how to recognize particular objects in images. You could, for example, annotate the trees in aerial view photographs. The tags will assist a model in comprehending what a tree is.

A variety of annotation tools can be used to label images. You can draw exact boundaries around objects using these annotation tools. For example, all trees may be labeled as trees, and all dwellings as houses.

Of course, the accuracy of a trained model is directly affected by the quality of your image labels. Using the correct labeling provider, such as APILayer’s Image Labelling API, will deliver factual findings and assist in shaping the collection.

What Is An Image Labeling API?

An Image Labeling API makes it easy to extract labels/tags from your images and detect specific content out-of-the-box. Our pre-trained models enable you to analyze ideas for objects, colours, food, explicit content and other subjects for insights into your visual content.

We use deep learning algorithms to analyze images for scenes, objects, and other content. The response includes keywords that provide information about the content. 

Key Features:

  • Simple-to-use high-level APIs There’s no need to worry about low-level model input/output or image pre/post-processing. The model completes the task and gives information as a text description.
  • Tags and classifies visual content using machine learning at a glance.

How To Use Image Classifying API?

Using our Image Labeling API is straightforward; even integrating into any platform takes a few seconds. Just head over to the APILayer platform and get your free subscription plan. Then you can see your API access key on your dashboard. 

API Live Playground is where you can test out any APILayer API on the browser and observe that there are various samples in the most widespread programming languages.

API Live Playground
Image Labeling API

How To Integrate Image Labeling API in Delphi?

Delphi programming language with FireMonkey framework allows you to create multi-platform native applications using a single source code. Moreover, with hundreds of visual and non-visual components, you can design and build cross-platform apps instantaneously.

Embarcadero Delphi – C++ Builder – RAD Studio 11.2

A unique REST Debugging tool for Delphi and C++ Builder developers comes with the RAD Studio. Put the API endpoint path and provide the parameters. If the connection is successful, you can click the Copy Components button and put them on the form. This is like magic – it generates preconfigured REST client components based on that endpoint. Now we can write one line of code to send requests to the server every time your application starts.

REST Debugger + RAD Studio

Here is our final application in action! You can find the whole project source code here on this repository.

image labeling
Image Labeling API Integration in Delphi FireMonkey

Moreover, check out these tutorials on our other automation APIs:

Why Should You Choose Image Labeling API For Labeling Automation?

APILayer provides only high-level and robust services to its customers, and Image Labeling API uses deep learning algorithms to analyze images for scenes and objects. Furthermore, you can get a free plan for starting.

Head to the APILayer marketplace and start automating business processes via an API.

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