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Industry-leading Holiday API To Improve User Experience

Industry-leading Holiday API To Improve User Experience

Universities, organizations, places of business, and businesses compile a calendar of holidays to commemorate various festivals or events. When they show up, people desire to travel to places to relish their days, relax, and get away from the daily bustle of life. So, if your business revolves around travel, you can use the holiday craze to create solutions that will make the lives of travelers easier and profit from these opportunities. You can create a travel app and integrate it with a holiday API. This will provide accurate and up-to-date holiday datasets to your app whenever you need them.

But what is this holiday API, and how useful is it?

Let’s talk about that, and then I’ll go over some holiday APIs to help you build your apps. The Checkiday API is one of them.

What Exactly Is Checkiday Holiday API?

With the Checkiday API, you can tap into the World’s most trusted, complete, and accurate holiday data set. It is trusted by some of the largest companies, including CNN, The New York Times, Huffington Post, Vice, USA Today, WikiHow, Daily Mail, Gizmodo, Esquire, Upworthy, and Lifehack.

Checkiday API is a service where you send a request to other systems programmatically about various holiday lists worldwide and instantly receive programmatic data. 

It is difficult to remember the exact date of a holiday and keep track of the entire list. That is why holiday APIs are created to simplify the process.

So, if you want to take a vacation in a specific country, you must request it using a code, and you will receive accurate information.

Let’s use Christmas as an example. On December 25, many countries declare a public holiday. However, it is stated on January 7 of each year in some countries, while it may not be stated in others.
If you work for a multinational corporation, an airline, a stock exchange, or another organization, you must plan for future holidays to prepare your organization for events. A holiday API provides access to information about previous holidays and observances.

How To Use And Integrate Checkiday Holiday API?

Access to the Holiday API requires an API Key. You can get one for FREE here; no credit card is required! Note that the free plan is fixed. A paid plan is required to access more data and has more requests.

How To Use And Integrate Checkiday Holiday API
Get Your Free Subscription Plan


What Are The Features Of Checkiday Holiday API?

Security is a major concern for any app, website, or web service on the internet. Because your application makes use of web services, hackers will attempt to flood your API with millions of requests at once in order to steal your data. Our Checkiday API is powered by the APILayer marketplace, giving you the best and the smoothest experience possible.

API is a set of functions designed to generate correct data for your request every time. It should be modified and confirmed so that no specific user misses out on important information.

What Are The Features Of Checkiday Holiday API
APILayer Marketplace

Documentation: APIs are created by developers for developers. Excellent documentation should also be understandable to any consumer, including those with no technical knowledge. Checkiday, our API, has the best and most detailed documentation you will ever see.

What Is API Live Playground?

API Live Playground is where you can test any API endpoint in your browser. Just head over to the pricing page and get your free subscription plan. Then you can go to the Documentation tab to test out API in real-time without integrating.

What Is API Live Playground
API Live Playground

What Are The Use Cases Of Checkiday API?

You can always make great sales in various fields with the right data. For instance, here are some use cases you can look into.

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Logistics & Shipping
  • Email marketing
  • Customer Experience
  • Inventory Management
  • Demand Forecasting

How To Integrate Checkiday API Into Delphi FMX App?

You have already subscribed to the free plan on the APILayer marketplace. If so, you can see your API access key on your account page.

How To Integrate Checkiday API Into Delphi FMX App
APILayer – Checkiday Holiday API with Free Subscription Plan

Delphi IDE provides a special REST Debugger where you can connect to the API endpoint and easily create REST client components so that you can put them on the form.

Here you can see the response from the endpoint comes as JSON and is placed on the TMemo component.

Checkiday API integration in Delphi FireMonkey

Furthermore, check out these latest articles where you can learn how to automate various tasks using our APILayer powered APIs:

Why Should You Choose Checkiday API?

Checkiday API is the most comprehensive holiday listing website in the World. Checkiday has verified the site’s authenticity of at least 4300 different holiday periods. Just head over to the APILayer marketplace and get your free subscription plan!

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