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How To Find Someone’s Location With IP Address

location with ip address

Finding the location with the IP address of a user is critical to the success of online businesses. This is because it helps you provide a personalized user experience on your website. For example, you can redirect customers to pages translated into their language, display the expiration time of sales/deals in their local time, and show prices in their currency. So, how can you find someone’s location with an IP address? There are many IP locators available in the market for this purpose. However, not every tool provides accurate results.

If you’re looking for an efficient tool to find an IP-based location, ipstack API is the best choice! ipstack is one of the most reliable IP locators that provide quick and consistent results.

Why Do Businesses Need To Find Customers’ Location With IP Address?

In today’s highly competitive business world, customers want a personalized user experience. This is where IP location data is useful. It helps customize website content for different users from different parts of the world. For instance, you can display the expiration time of deals in customers’ local time and prices in their currency. This helps provide a better/customized shopping experience.

Similarly, you can show customized product offers to users based on their location. This means IP-based location data also helps you with location-specific and targeted advertising. Simply put, businesses can improve engagement, conversion rates, and revenue by finding customers’ locations with their IP addresses.

IP to geolocation data is also helpful in fraud prevention. For example, it helps you identify users using proxies or other such services to hide their identities. You can also use IP-based location data to detect and prevent suspicious transactions.

What Makes Ipstack The Best API For Finding Someone’s Location With IP Address?

Reasons to choose ipstack for finding location with IP address

Ipstack is an efficient real-time IP to geolocation API capable of providing the accurate location of a device, such as a smartphone, laptop, or PC, based on its IP address. The powerful API returns useful location parameters, such as latitude, longitude, country, city, continent, region, region code, zip code, etc. Additionally, ipstack API is scalable and can efficiently process millions of requests without compromising performance. This means you can use it as per the needs and requirements of your business.

Thousands of businesses worldwide use ipstack, including Microsoft, Samsung, and Airbnb. Many developers around the globe also use ipstack in their web applications.

Here are some of the key points that make ipstack the best choice for finding someone’s location with IP address:

Does Ipstack Return Accurate Location For An IP Address?

Inaccurate IP-based location and affect your marketing campaigns negatively. That’s why it’s essential to choose an IP locator that can provide accurate and consistent results. Ipstack is one such tool that uses rock-solid sources, such as large ISPs, to give you the most accurate data. Whether you want to find users’ city, country, or region based on their IP address, ipstack will provide consistent data.  

Does Ipstack Provide Both IPv4 and IPv6 Data?

Many businesses have customers from all around the globe. Hence, they need a tool that provides data of any IP address, be it IPv4 or IPv6. Ipstack is one such tool, and it covers more than 2 million unique locations in over 200,000 cities worldwide.

To look up single IPv4 or IPv6 addresses, you can use ipstack’s standard lookup endpoint. There is also a bulk lookup endpoint that you can use to get data from multiple IP addresses (up to 50) simultaneously. This is a super useful feature as it saves you time and effort.

Does Ipstack Also Return Currency Data?

In addition to location data, ipstack also returns useful currency data of the location returned against an IP address. This data includes the name, symbol, and code of the currency. You can use this data to automatically display the prices of your products or services in customers’ local currencies.

What Is Ipstack’s Time Zone Module?

Ipstack’s time zone module is a super useful feature. You can use this module to automatically get your customers’ time zone information. This way, you don’t need to ask customers to fill out any forms. This data helps enhance customer experience and improve your promotional and marketing campaigns. For instance, you can use time zone data to display customers’ local time events.

Ipstack’s time zone module gives you:

Current time

GMT offset

Code of the location returned against an IP address

Can Ipstack Assess Security Threats?

Ipstack IP locator also comes with a security module that helps protect your web app or website. With this feature, you can access threats and risks originating from an IP address and take the right action on time before they harm your website.

Is It Easy To Find Location With IP Address Using Ipstack?

Ipstack is super easy to use. It comes with extensive documentation, consisting of the details of all the API events, methods, and features. The API also comes with a quick start guide that can help you get started quickly. Additionally, we have a highly experienced customer support team that you can contact whenever you need assistance.

How To Find Location With IP Address Using Ipstack?

Before you many any API calls, you need to register (free subscription). This gives you a limited API access key to test the API. The API key is unique for each user.

Now, let’s show you how to use different endpoints of the ipstack API to get an IP-based location.

How To Use Standard Lookup To Get Your Customers’ Location With IP Address?

With the standard lookup endpoint, you can look up one IPv4 or IPv6 address at a time. To use this endpoint, just attach your desired IPv4 or IPv6 address to the base URL of the API.

Below is an example code for making an API request:

The code above will return the following results:

How To Use Bulk Lookup To Get Location With IP Address?

To call this endpoint, simply append the IP addresses, separated by a comma, to the base URL of the API. This endpoint returns data of only one object for each IP address.

Below is a sample code for using bulk lookup

How Can I Integrate Ipstack In PHP Web App?

Here is an example code for the Standard Lookup Endpoint using PHP cURL:

If you want to know more about integrating ipstack into your website, check out our article on building an IP lookup website using ipstack with PHP.

Ready to find the accurate location of your customers with their IP address? Head over to ipstack and use its exciting features today!

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