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Perfect Way to Automate Natural Language Processing – NLP API

With the current speed of data, it is not easy to load, analyze and transform the data. For instance, analyzing text for cyberbullying, hate speech, sexual harassment, and suicidal behavior is critical. Furthermore, if we can determine the topic of the text or entities, sentiment, and more with dozens of language support – we will be able to clean up the content and understand it quickly. To accomplish this, you need a powerful natural language processing service that can provide accurate results in various languages, like Tisane NLP API.

What is Tisane Natural Language Processing API?

Tisane is a library for natural language processing that offers the following features and capabilities:

  • Functionality that is standard for NLP
  • Dedicated capabilities for the identification of potentially harmful or abusive content
  • Morphological analysis and the tokenization of languages with no spaces are examples of low-level natural language processing (Chinese, Japanese, Thai)

Tisane’s construction style is known as monolithic. All of the functions are presented by using the identical language models, and the POST/parse method is used to trigger the exact same analysis procedure. Other methods of the API are either helper methods, wrappers based on the process, or methods that permit inspection of the language models.

How To Get Started wWth Tisane Natural Language Processing API?

This article will walk you through the process of establishing your Tisane account. The following is a list of the steps that need to be completed by you:

Step 1 – Make an account for yourself

Navigate to the APILayer marketplace and get your free subscription API access key!

APILayer Dashboard

Step 2 – Save your API key

You can see your API access key on your dashboard. 

APILayer Marketplace

Step 3 – Integrate the API

The integration process is straightforward, since it is a RESTful service. Besides, we provide various integration implementations in different programming languages. 

ÁPI Live Playground – Test APIs without leaving the browser

What are the Best Features of Tisane API?

Tisane is not merely a Natural Language Processing API. Rather, it offers a wide range of features and capabilities for conducting data analysis. The following are some of them, along with brief explanations of each. You can get more information about it by reading the official documentation.

Analyze Text

  • The method performs an analysis on the input, and provides both high-level and low-level metadata as output.

Text Clean Up

  • A service method that takes out markups – such as JavaScript, CSS tags, and JSON – and returns the text without any encoding.

Generate Image From Text

  • Locates and returns the URL of a Creative Commons image that provides the best description of the text. The request body follows the format of POST/parse in its organization. The response will be the image URL formatted as a JSON string if it is available.

It also provides more powerful functionalities like:

  • Named Entity Comparison
  • Semantic similarity
  • Detect Language
  • Translate Text

How to Integrate Tisane NLP API into Delphi Application?

Delphi, with the FireMonkey framework, can target five different platforms using a single code base. Building an application user interface is 5 to 10x faster than any other GUI development ecosystem.

You can download Delphi Community Edition from its official web page and start your next multi-device native application with Delphi. 

Integrating any API to Delphi powered applications is quick and smooth. Besides, you can use the special REST Debugger, where you can generate pre-configured REST client components for any endpoint and put them on the form. You can start using the API endpoint functionalities with one line of code.

Embarcadero Delphi – REST Debugger – API Integration
Embarcadero Delphi – RAD Studio – LiveBindings Designer

Let’s integrate language detection functionality in our Delphi application. You can get the API endpoint URL, place it on the REST Debugger, and connect. After a successful connection, you can click the Copy Components button to get pre-configured REST Client components. To make various requests, add a few lines of code so the application becomes dynamic.

Furthermore, you can transform your application UI and UX in seconds with various styles. Just put the TStyleBook component and load the style!

Tisane NLP API
Tisane Multi-Language NLP API

Here is the repository where you can download the complete project source code. 

Additionally, check out our latest tutorials, where you can learn how to automate various business tasks using APIs!

Why Should I Utilize Tisane NLP API?

Tisane API is now powered by the APILayer platform, which means high availability and inexpensive subscription plans. Moreover, with the extensive documentation, you won’t face any problems with any API endpoint. Head over now to APILayer.com and get your free subscription plan for Tisane API!

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