Perfect Way to Automate Natural Language Processing - NLP API

With the current speed of data, it is not easy to load, analyze and transform the data. For instance, analyzing text for cyberbullying, hate speech, sexual harassment, and suicidal behavior is critical. Furthermore, if we can determine the topic of the text or entities, sentiment, and more with dozens of language support – we will be able to clean up the content and understand it quickly. To…
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How To Automatically Discover The Emotions In Tweets With Python

What is the Text to Emotion API, and how does it help you automate your work? Human beings can easily perceive emotions from any text and experience them naturally. But, what about the machines? Can they detect the emotions from a text as we do? Here is where Text to Emotion API will help you! You might be thinking of building your own NLP solutions to detect emotions from any given text…
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