Node JS Currency Converter Application Tutorial in 2024

Ever thought about adding exchange rates and currency conversion to your Node.js app? This is for you if you’re building a business app that deals with money from different countries. In this blog, we’ll talk about CurrencyLayer API, a tool that helps fetch real-time exchange rates. Moreover, we will also create a Node JS currency converter. We’ll explain why CurrencyLayer is a…
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Building a REST API with Node and Express

Imagine you already have a working site. Let’s say your site starts to become more popular over time. If you build your site without thinking it will be popular later on, you will start to respond more slowly to requests. Active users will wait for you to reply to the…

How To Create An IP Locator And Identifier Using Node And Express

IP locator to geolocation gives you information about your customers’ locations throughout the world. It is an excellent way to provide a personalized user experience that will help you increase your conversion rates and business revenue. With geolocation data you can show prices in your customer local currency calculate shipping rates or even adjust your product offering to take advantage…
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Easily Build Your Own Website Screenshot CDN In NodeJS

Screenshotlayer is a lightweight REST API built to deliver high-quality PNG, JPEG & GIF website screenshots at unparalleled speeds and through a simple interface. To ensure the highest possible level of image resolution, the Screenshotlayer API relies on a powerful rendering engine capable of processing, storing, and returning all sorts of website content within just a few seconds. In…
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