The Future Of API Management

The popularity of APIs is growing day by day, and organizations in various fields are increasingly integrating them into their IT systems. According to estimations, there are more than 24,000 different APIs in the world today.  Growing number of APIs used across enterprise and consumer solutions raises the importance of API management. Organizations need to manage their APIs efficiently in…
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Easily Develop Automated Email Verification Systems With Python And REST

What is mailboxlayer, and What Makes it Secure? mailboxlayer is a free, simple, and powerful JSON API offering instant email address validation & verification via syntax checks, typo, and spelling checks, SMTP checks, free and disposable provider filtering, and much more. Its system is REST-based, secured by 256-bit HTTPS encryption, and pursuing the goal of assisting developers and…
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The Future Of API Security Is Through Industry Standards

An Application Programming Interface (API) acts as the intermediate layer between the client and the server, facilitating the communication and data exchange between them. According to a recent API security survey conducted by Imvision, 73% of businesses currently use more than 50 APIs. As the use of APIs has surged over the years, the threats for API security are also on the rise. Thus, It is…
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