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5 Examples Of Successful IP Locators

IP Locators

Thanks to advancements in geolocation technology, we can now use the internet to locate items. As a result, location tracking is now a useful tool in our everyday lives. We can use IP geolocation for a number of tasks, from tracking a lost pet with a GPS-enabled collar to finding a nice restaurant for lunch or dinner. Furthermore, the technology has advanced to the point where businesses now use it on a larger scale to identify and target customers depending on where they are.  In this article, we will be discussing 5 examples of useful IP locators.

What are IP locators?

The mapping of an IP address to a physical place using an internet-connected device is known as IP location. The platforms used for IP location are known as IP locators. These give you location information like the nation, state or province, province, city, postcode, latitude or longitude, Internet provider, and area code, as well as other information. IP geolocation data automatically updates using regional databases and information from internet service providers.

There are a variety of IP location databases you can choose from. The majority of providers claim 98% accuracy or greater. Despite this, IP geolocation to particular areas can vary slightly according to their proximity to the closest ISP supplier’s network hub.

What does ipstack do for you?

ipstack offers one of the greatest IP to location APIs and global IP database services. It allows you to easily identify and track site visitors via their IP addresses. Zip, IP, location, type, region code, region name, continent code, and continent name are among the details ipstack collects. To harness this information many enterprises, developers, and small businesses worldwide use a real-time geolocation API service. IP geolocation services like ipstack are popular because they deliver information about website users. In turn, this information allows you to personalize their user experience.

The ipstack API identifies over 2 million unique places in thousands of cities worldwide. ipstack also partners with major ISPs to ensure that its data is always reliable. If they encounter a problem, then customers can contact the ipstack customer service team for immediate resolution. Among its other benefits, ipstack provides Bank-Grade Security, Reliable and Scalable, JSON or XML, and International Documentation.

ipstack also consists of different modules, each offering different functionality. For example, with the Location Module, users can apply regional limits to a website, enhance ad targeting, or personalize a user’s experience based on their location.

Another advantage is the Currency Module can provide accurate, real-time information about a user’s principal regional currency based on their IP address. Next, the Time Zone Module automatically determines the time zone of every user to your website. After that, the Connection Module provides important information about the name and ASN of your site visitor’s ISP.  Finally, the security module is useful for quickly identifying tor visitors, proxies, and bots to secure your app against potential dangers.

How good is ipXapi?

ipXapi is an excellent and practical tool for assessing geolocation and identifying IP addresses. It’s a free site guest tracking tool that uses JSON, PHP, and Python to track visitors.

It serves over 2 million distinct locations in over 200, 000 cities worldwide. This website’s IP stats are quite precise because of its database and API. It also connects to a range of popular Internet service providers (ISPs) that frequently update data on fresh IP ranges. The API’s database updates nearly 24 times per day because ipXapi connects to many channels that offer real-time IP data.

Does ipify flawlessly deliver location information?

ipify is a basic public IP address that works flawlessly regardless of your technology. With this open-source API, anyone can identify IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. The best part is that your visitors’ information is not stored in their system.

You can rest assured that ipify will keep functioning regardless of the season, certain nothing will disrupt the service. It’s also worth noting that Randall Degges fund this service, so there’s no risk of it vanishing in the blink of an eye.

How helpful is ipregistry?

ipregistry is a wonderful combination of affordability and good functionality using a pay-as-you-go model. Since its API in JSON and XML forms is very scalable, users can seamlessly connect to it without running too many queries.

Its enterprise-grade API also provides IP Geolocation and Threat Intelligence, and ipregistry has a good reputation. It distributes its infrastructure across multiple data centers around the globe and handles thousands of requests per day. If you anticipate a sudden rise in queries, this platform can handle it.

Does WhoAPI have you covered?

WhoAPI is an app that allows people to examine user domain information and the other API details it gathers from multiple WHOIS services. Users can get results from the platform in JSON via 10 different APIs. It also includes the WHOIS API, which allows users to obtain data on millions of domains and their proprietors.

The tool also allows users to determine who acquired a domain and when it was created or expired. It also has a snapshot API, which allows users to retrieve all of the data about domains or websites in a screenshot format using an Internet protocol WHOIS API that allows people to browse IP addresses in bulk.

WhoAPI also has a Geolocation API that tells consumers where the domain came from and which country it belongs to. It also includes a domain score API that tells users how famous the domain they’re looking for is.

Are you ready to use ipstack?

ipstack provides a robust, real-time IP to geolocation API that can seek precise location data and analyze security concerns originating from potentially dangerous IP addresses. You can use the ipstack API to quickly identify website visitors and change your user experience and app accordingly. Apart from that ipstack comes with a free version to start off with as well.

Are you ready to use the most powerful and efficient IP Locator? Sign up with ipstack and choose a plan that meets your needs!

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