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How To Block An IP Address?

how to block an ip address

As you know, your business hugely depends upon website traffic for its success. You want to drive more engagement to your website by attracting visitors and creating interest for them. All of this is possible through IP addresses. Finding an IP address is simple by using an IP tracker but Knowing how to block an IP address is also important.

If your site has better content, it will have better SEO and hence more sales due to higher traffic. However, there are some situations in which this attention can be dangerous. For example, if different visitors leave aggressive and rude comments, what steps can you take for them? You can use an IP tracker to checkIP addresses and then block them.

There are some reasonable restrictions and polite requests to solve this issue. This is where blocking an IP address comes forward. It can save you from spyware, spam bots, and hackers. So are you ready to know how to find someone’s IP address and block it? This article has everything to know about it. Let’s dig into it.

What Is An IP Address?

IP addresses are more like physical addresses. You can get information regarding connected networks and devices through IP addresses. However, the only difference between an IP address and a physical address is that the former is not static. You will have the same IP address when you are connecting your devices through the home network administrator.

Do you know what is a static IP address? It is an address that stays the same over time.

When you are using a network other than your home, the IP address changes. When you switch the internet providers or try to reboot the router, IP addresses change. Some key points about IP addresses are listed below:

  • Blocking an IP address gives you higher internet security
  • IP addresses are in the form of letters and numbers just like your street address.
  • When a device is connected to an internet network, it will have a unique IP address.
  • The IP addresses help to gain information and connect and interact with other networks.
  • It puts internet users on the grid. Without an IP address, an internet user will not be able to communicate with other users.

how to block an ip address

How Does An IP Address Look Like?

Even though every user is connecting with every other user through an IP address, most people still don’t know what it looks like. IP addresses are found in two forms; IPV4 and IPV6.

IPV4 (Internet Protocol Version 4)

  1. It was the first wave of IP addresses
  2. It was Invented in 1970s
  3. Connected with most devices but people started replacing it in 2011
  4. It is composed of four numbers separated by dots. The numbers lie in a range of 0-255. For example,

IPV6 (Internet Protocol version 4)

  1. It was invented in 2012
  2. It uses a hexadecimal digit system. This system includes letters and separates groups by using colons. For example, 2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334.
  3. IPv6 won’t run out anytime soon due to an enormous number of conceivable IP addresses.
  4. IPv6 will make it possible to connect the internet with a larger number of devices in future.
how to block an ip address on mac

Is It Possible To Block IP Addresses? 

You can block the IP addresses on your device if you don’t want to deal with specific services and websites. It is interesting to note that there is more than one IP address on some websites. Let’s take the example of Facebook. It uses multiple IP addresses. So if you are looking to block the IP address of Facebook, you need to block all of its IP addresses.

However, when Facebook is not working for you then disabling a single IP address is enough.

Blocking an IP address is carried out mostly in cases when you want to increase internet security and be safe from hackers.

Why block an ip address

Important Tip: If you are looking to block an IP address across your whole network administrator, you should set up parental control for your network. This is possible by blocking websites on the router.

Why Should You Block An IP Address? 

  • To prevent rude and aggressive comments from users.
  • To prevent hacking and spamming activities.
  • To limit or deny access to your website.
  • To protect your data and maintain confidentiality.
reasons to block an ip address

How To Block An IP Address In Macbook?

Blocking an IP address allows website owners and network administrators to control traffic to their websites. Here is how to block an IP address for Mac users. You need to have access to your LAN router or wireless router to block the IP addresses. You should know the passwords that you can find easily on a modem.

 How To Block An IP Address in Macbook

Here are 5 simple steps to do it:

  1. Find the Apple menu in the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Select system preferences by opening the drop-down menu.
  3. Find “Network” and then click on advanced settings
  4. Navigate to TCP/IP tab. There you will find the IPv4 or IPv6 addresses.
  5. Then, log into the router. You need to have a password that you can find outside the router. In case of any trouble, you should contact the network administrator. The router will allow you to block unique IP addresses or an entire range of addresses and protect your website.

You can view the IP address of a wired connection through an ethernet cable in Windows.

How To Block An IP Address In Windows?

You should access the windows firewall if you want to block certain IP addresses on windows.

Open your browser and go to the website that you want to block.

You have to copy the address after “www” from the search bar.

Now you have to open the command prompt. Paste the copied address into the first line of code. It will generate several lines of code to reveal the IP addresses.

Copy the IP address given by the command prompt and paste it into the browser. Make sure it brings you back to that website.

 How To Block An IP Address in windows

Open the control panel from the start menu and locate the windows firewall. You can also use search bar to type windows firewall to search it.

When the windows firewall is opened, you have to click on advanced settings. Then, you should search for inbound rules.

Click on”New rule”, select custom and press next. Windows will ask you something like ” which remote IP addresses does this rule apply to?” You have to click on “These IP addresses”.

You have to enter the copied IP addresses into the bar and click next.

There will be three options appearing on the next page. There will be an option “block the connection” at the bottom. You will be advanced to the next page to name the blocked IP address. Name them and then click finish.

You have to repeat the same steps with outbound rules. This is how you will block IP address from your windows defender firewall.

IP addresses blocking


How to block an IP address on my network?

You can block any IP address on your network by using routers.

Can someone block an IP address?

Yes. It is possible to block an IP address. However, you need to find the IP address first that you want to block. IPStack is helpful to find the IP addresses.

How to block an IP address from accessing my computer?

You can block an IP address from accessing your computer in a few simple steps. You have to go to clarity, then settings, and then IP blocking. There you will see the option to block the IP address.

How to block an IP address for free?

You can block your IP address for free by using methods such as:

  1. hiding your IP addresses.
  2. making connections to a different network.
  3. Unplugging the modem.
  4. Using firewalls.

What is an IP lock?

IP lock allows you to specify a single IP address or a range of IP addresses within a domain. It allows messages only from specific IP addresses.

How does an IP ban work?

An IP ban stops the traffic to specific IP addresses. It doesn’t stop your hosting services as far as your website is working normally.

So are you ready to find the IP address through an IP tracker? Sign Up now to get started.

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