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News API + React: Creating A Stellar Live News App

In this guide, we’ll show you how to create a reliable live news app with a News API and React.  But before that, let’s just briefly discuss what’s the purpose of a News API and explore the features of the News API we’ll be using for this tutorial. What does a News API do? A News API is essentially an application programming interface that collects news data from numerous sources…
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API Key vs. Token: What Is the Difference?

Today, developers and businesses frequently use APIs. APIs are a unique technology that allows them to transfer data quickly. For this reason, its use is increasing day by day. Recently, the security of public APIs has been on the agenda frequently. Developers and businesses…

Google News API + OpenAI Text Generation - Learn how to build your own personal news aggregator service

In this roundup, we will introduce you to the pros and cons of personalized news aggregator services so that you will know what a personalized news aggregator service is and consider what you might want to do with one. A lot of business people and entrepreneurs reading this might like to think about the opportunities to make money from using APIs to create a news aggregator service. We hope that…
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How To Scrape Product Data With Google Shopping API

Google is unarguably the most used search engine that allows us to search just about anything on the internet. Among many valuable features of Google is Google Shopping, previously called Google Products or Google Products Search. Google Shopping basically enables consumers…

What Happens When You Hit Your Monthly API Rate Limit?

Have you ever hit your monthly API rate limit? If not, consider yourself lucky. It’s one of the biggest pains in using an API service. Your app users will all be happy using the API, and everything will go well until your app gets too popular. Then, all of a sudden, you…

Top 11 Reliable Free Foreign Exchange Rate API For Your Business

A good exchange rate API provides accurate rates, enables quick currency conversion, and protects data with the latest security technology, like 256-bit encryption. Hence, you can run your international business without any hassle. Plenty of solutions are available online. But which is the most reliable free foreign exchange rate API? In this post, you will find 11 top APIs offering free exchange…
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Exchange Rate API Integration in E-Commerce App in 2024

Have you thought about how important it is for online stores to show prices in different currencies? Imagine someone in Japan visiting your online shop from the U.S. If they can’t see prices in their local currency, they might get confused and not buy anything. This is where we use an exchange rate API. We integrate a reliable exchange rate API into our apps to make reliable currency…
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