How To Filter Search Results In Your Google Image Search API?

Since Google discontinued the Google image search API, it has been challenging for businesses and developers to obtain the picture data they want for their projects. So we looked at a broad range of possibilities, from the pricey and fully featured Google Images APIs to the more basic but incredibly cheap proxy solutions that let you create your own bespoke Google Image API at a far lower price. A…
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Easily Monitor Google Search Results Using Node.js

What is serpstack, and What Makes it Powerful? serpstack is an API service built to deliver real-time SERP data from all major search engines worldwide, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu & Yandex. You can use the serpstack API to scrape SERP data at scale using options like location, browser, device, and more. Minimal implementation takes just a few seconds using the simple HTTP GET…
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